Moving to Amazon Kindle

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided that I will be moving my novels over to Kindle Direct Publishing. I have loved Gumroad, but I feel I will garner more visibility if my ebooks appear in Kindle searches. While I’m definitely the last person who WANTS to support a monopoly on books, unfortunately you have to roll with the punches if you want to succeed and I’m more interested in succeeding when it comes to my writing.

So what does this mean for my short stories?

They will be taken down for the time being, and I will republish them in a collection of 5 each. That way, people get more for their money. So the three Wolf Tails (“A Stormy Earth,” “Dust Devils,” and “White Caps”) will be published with two more short stories to boot. The two Storytimes (“The Dargan Sisters” and “The Sea Elf’s Husband”) will be posted with three more short stories.

Thank you for your patience as I get everything underway. The Blood of the Enemy is available now, and soon Sand and Silver will be too!


It hurts more when someone else picks open a wound.
It’s so easy to become numb to your own fingers
As you dig persistently at raw skin.
You want the hole to close, but that scab just keeps inviting more pain.

Maple in Autumn

She sits bright red on her stem,
Blushing as the cold draws near.
Twisting to the rhythm of the days,
Her sistren line dark limbs as they dance.

She is the first to tear away,
Twirling and gliding to freedom on the floor.
Her flight is swift and thrilling,
The dirt rising up to meet her back too soon.

She loses her vibrancy as she sprawls,
Staring up at the brilliant crimson she used to be.
Sistren behold their fallen,
But dance ever closer to their own cliff’s edge.

Little Ghosts

I hear them running down the hall
I hear them scratching on the wall
They come out when I try to sleep
And in my dreams they tend to creep
I see their essence on the floors
Sprinkled and sprayed upon the doors
When I try to lie in bed
They’re on my pillow, in my head
They cry for me when time to feed
Presenting me with a bloody deed
So violent in their loud affair
Teeth and hair fly everywhere
But when I look to find the source
They’ve gone and found a brand new course