Born and raised in rural Virginia, many of my novels take place within the state. They also take place in London, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville as I have traveled to those wonderful places and had amazing experiences there.

Though I officially started storytelling when I was six, I began my official journey as a writer at the age of eleven. I began my first book series, finishing three first drafts in the six-part set by the age of thirteen. That series would come to be called The White Dragon Saga. In the years prior to 2010, I completed seven first drafts of novels, one-act plays, and three volumes of poetry. As I went to college, I realized my quality of writing needed improvement. After years of practice through fanfiction on Archive of Our Own and as an Events Coordinator and World Building Leader on The Candle Cult forum, I finally returned to the series that started it all in 2016.

In the year 2017, I rekindled my love of the animal world while working for a pet care company briefly and reconnecting with YouTube and the pet community. I have been a part of the equestrian community since before birth, and have honed my skills as a pet owner throughout the years under the tutelage of three fantastic mentors. I was so thrilled to find my love of animals once again in 2017, as it not only gave me the opportunity to enrich many lives but also enriched mine when I needed the inspiration the most.

I was also able to publish my first pair of short stories: “A Stormy Earth” from the Wolf Tails: The Werewolf Chronicles, and “The Dargan Sisters” from Storytime with Rowan Liddell. I also published my first set of articles for Alex’s Animal Kingdom, my memoir in the form of articles which tells of my experiences in animal husbandry. In 2018, the first book of The White Dragon Saga, The Blood of the Enemy, was finally made available.

As of October 2019, Sand and Silver, my first suspense/thriller, is available on Gumroad.