‘The Sea Elf’s Husband,’ Storytime with Rowan Liddell

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Zaja had a mundane life selling carpentry on a pier, ignoring the stares he received as both a sorcerer without magic and a widower without family. Despite the low demand for handcrafted work in the magical nation of Belexes, he managed to care for himself just fine. When a sea elf washes ashore in a storm, his life is suddenly turned upside down as he tries to help the enigmatic Tasseo find their footing and return home. Tasseo has had their pelt stolen, and while wildly intelligent, is not as accustomed to land as one needs to be to help themself. Amidst little accidents and major stumbles, the tides of their relationship take a drastic turn as they learn to trust, and perhaps love, again.

Sand and Silver

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Dusty, better known as Desert Rose Jamison thanks to her husband Carlisle, has lived a life of luxury and intrigue. When Carlisle sets her up with renowned hitman and mob leader Sterlyn “Silver” Schneider, however, she goes from being her husband’s prisoner to Sterlyn’s prisoner. In this study of Stockholm syndrome, two detectives hold an impromptu investigation of what happened to this battered woman, and how she managed to not only escape but allegedly kill the man who upended her entire life.

‘White Caps,’ Wolf Tails: The Werewolf Chronicles

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Raymond is a violent alpha were-dingo, or so his superiors say. He can’t go anywhere without a beta werewolf at his side, and he’s steadily running out of options for individuals who can help keep him calm and safe. Or rather, keep others safe from him. If he can’t make things work with his next beta, there’s an even chance he won’t be allowed to go into public ever again. And that’s the lighter sentence.

Kit is a newly turned were-corsac fox who has no interest in alphas whatsoever. The one who turned him has soured his tastes for anyone bearing the title. However, finding himself at a loss for money and options, he has to find a way to get back on his feet while paying for the HRT medicines necessary for his transition.

Jaded in their own ways, Kit’s and Raymond’s paths collide like ships on rough waters in this paranormal romance.