Wrath and the Patient Man: The Start of the first sequential Terrible Love Series! Available May 14, 2023!

Join Nex in this first installment of their rather unconventional coming out series!

Caution is the only thing that the seemingly human Nex knows. Caution led them to their current travel party, and eventually caution led them to Sidero Square. After they take revenge on the person who made them feel so tied to the concept of safety in the first place, maybe they can relax. Maybe there won’t be any threat of anyone learning their secret. What caution didn’t account for, however, was the fact that Nex would be teaming up with Iacchus, a fun-loving satyr looking to reclaim his family’s wealth and titles from his twin Adrastos so he can spread proper merriment. While Nex believes the enemy of their enemy is a friend, everything inside of them tells them that Iacchus is an accident waiting to happen. But whose accident, exactly? Wrath and the Patient Man is an enemies to lovers, LGBT+ erotic short story about trust, self-worth, and the risk involved with both. Follow Nex as they learn to connect with parts of themself no one else has managed to access, and learn to love who and what they are instead of hiding from it behind a veil of discipline.

A Stormy Earth: Re-released! Available now!

Raised in a conservative pack of were-dogs, Corey knew what to expect out of their life from the moment Emery declared they would be his mate. When their first heat arrives suddenly after hibernation, however, Emery is not the one to respond to their scent. Instead, it is the allegedly dangerous alpha werewolf Sorrell vying for their affections. Though Corey knows they have a duty to fulfill, there’s something in Sorrell’s stormy gaze that invites the omega to break tradition. A Stormy Earth is an erotic short story featuring alpha/omega dynamics, werewolf subculture, and LGBT+ characters. Join Corey for a sinful first season.