Available on Kindle August 15!

Love and Sea Monsters: A Terrible Love Story: Nu and Cli’ka are strangers in a strange land. Unable to return to their home planet, a world of oceans and storms, they’ve made a new life for themselves in the interspatial refuge of Sidero Square. Safely nestled between universes, the pair of Ceti want for nothing. Being the only members of their species in the square, though, presents a new set of problems that Nu is worried will drive a wedge between himself and Cli’ka. Love and Sea Monsters features intersex amphibious aliens, LGBT+ relationships, childhood friends to lovers, and violent mating rituals!

Dice and Discards Available 5/15/22!

Summary of Dice and Discards: A Companion Novella to Sand and Silver: Joe had always been “Just Joe.” The worst that had ever happened to him was losing his family’s support because of his sexuality, and falling in love with a rich man’s live-in boy toy. Then he met Sterlyn “Silver” Schneider, who called him by his full name and invited him to the seedy underworld that was taking contracts out on people’s lives. He offered to teach Joe how to steal the lives of those who hurt people, while unintentionally stealing Joe’s heart. Going from “Just Joe” to the right hand of an infamous hitman is no small feat, and many ask themselves how a man as insidious as Sterlyn could gain the loyalty of someone so unassuming as Johanan Jeffers. Before Sterlyn ever laid eyes on his eventual captive Dusty, he’d already taken Joe prisoner.

Publications Delayed/Cover Reveal

Due to life and all its delicious bullshit, the publication of Dice and Discards: A Companion Novella to Sand and Silver has been pushed. I still plan to get it out there to readers as soon as it’s back from the editor. In the meantime though, I think you’ve waited long enough for the cover reveal.