6 Manuscripts Ready!

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2020 was the year of failure in terms of writing, but I have come out on top in 2021. Here are the 6 projects I have completed for this year, their summaries, genres, approximate length, and what stage they’re in:

  • The Shadows of the Forefathers: The White Dragon Saga 3
    • Summary: Sejaxis Inimica has been alive again for all of six months, and has already managed to make enemies. It doesn’t help that his face is identical to the dead crime lord Drystan, his alter ego who traumatized him as well as countless others. Enemies include Urdresselias – his terminally ill sister’s appointed guardian, various members of the Elleran Vampire Lair, and now a stranger who landed haphazardly on his doorstep just before taking him hostage. His new warden? None other than Almadora Milagros, the Queen of Cinica. Almadora seeks to transport him to the Celestarchy and see to the curse that has long haunted her family and prevented them from finding peace on the throne of Cinica. This same curse was what turned Jax into Drystan. This same curse is the root of Ria’s terminal illness. Though they start off as captor and captured, Almadora and Jax become fast but unlikely allies. Each have their own reasons for distrusting one other, but find that their desire to break the curse that has ruined much of their lives is stronger than that distrust. Time is ticking, and the progression of Ria’s illness isn’t the only thing that depends on the status of the curse. A new enemy is rising, and that enemy has been waiting for almost two hundred years to take back his throne. In The White Dragon Saga, we follow the lives of the accursed family the Inimicas, fallen kings and queens notorious for their violent ancestor the White Dragon. Any who come in contact with the Inimicas tends to meet an unpleasant end. This doomed family must find redemption or relief through the bonds they make. Some bonds are strictly antagonistic, others helpful and even loving. As meaningful as these bonds are, they are also prone to tragedy. The Shadows of the Forefathers is Jax’s story.
    • Genre: High Fantasy, Epic Adventure
    • Length: Novel
    • Stage: Alpha Reading
  • Dice and Discards
    • Summary: Joe had always been “Just Joe.” The worst that had ever happened to him was losing his family’s support because of his sexuality, and falling in love with a rich man’s live-in boy toy. Then he met Sterlyn “Silver” Schneider, who called him by his full name and invited him to the seedy underworld that was taking contracts out on people’s lives. He offered to teach Joe how to steal the lives of those who hurt people, while unintentionally stealing Joe’s heart. Going from “Just Joe” to the right hand of an infamous hitman is no small feat, and many ask themselves how a man as insidious as Sterlyn could gain the loyalty of someone so unassuming as Johanan Jeffers. Before Sterlyn ever laid eyes on his eventual captive Dusty, he’d already taken Joe prisoner.
    • Genre: Dark Romance, Thriller
    • Length: Novella
    • Stage: Alpha Reading
  • Wolf Tails: The Werewolf Chronicles Short Story Collection
    • Summary: Wolves are greater than foxes, foxes are greater than dogs. Alphas are leaders, betas are caretakers, omegas are breeders. These are the rules that are assumed of the society of the weres. These rules are not concrete. This short story collection contains romance, friendship, and erotica, blended together in as diverse a cast as the werewolves they focus on. We meet alphas punished for aggression, betas challenging their position, and omegas who desire more than their dynamics have allowed. Dogs seek equality, foxes seek companionship, and wolves seek freedom from the old structure of their livelihood. Sometimes, humans become aware of the secret society that operates in plain sight. Customs change from pack to skulk, and in these stories readers will get to see what happens when the various worlds of weres and their dynamics collide.
    • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Romance
    • Length: Short Story Collection
    • Stage: Workshop – Beta Reading
  • I Thrust My Fist Against the Post: A Short Story, Poetry, and Art Collection
    • Summary: Children who read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark remember the art and the charming albeit troubling stories that went with the macabre portraits. This short story and poetry collection aims to honor those who grew up reading and trading the original Scary Stories. This brief collection features real tactile hallucinations as experienced by survivors, childhood nightmares that evolved with age, and everyday trials turned into absolute terrors. Surreal, disturbing artwork by Sarah Heath accompanies the trauma-based, adult cringe-horror written by Rowan Liddell in I Thrust My Fist Against the Post: A Short Story, Poetry, and Art Collection.
    • Genre: Surreal Horror, Body Horror
    • Length: Flash Fiction Collection
    • Stage: Beta Reading – Art Collection
  • Meet Me in the Woods: A Short Story
    • Summary: Young trans man Ash fell in love with nature long ago. When an imaginary friend revealed himself to be real, though, Ash ran. Is the statue in the woods truly just that: a statue? Or has Aleksey been waiting for the return of his precious sapling?
    • Genre: Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy
    • Length: Short Story
    • Stage: Beta Reading
  • The Sisters Three: Little Red Riding Hood and Other Fairy Tales Retold
    • Summary: We all think we know the tales of Little Red Riding Hood, the Snow Queen, and Sleeping Beauty. But what if what we knew about them was wrong? Perhaps the Big Bad Wolf was not the perpetrator, but the victim. Perhaps the Snow Queen’s heart was pierced by the same mirror that poisons the people of her kingdom. Perhaps Sleeping Beauty was put to sleep for a very good reason. The Coalition of the Hood is an army of women trained to complete a singular goal: kill the Big Bad Wolf. However, the last generation of Red trainees proves to be the generation to end not just the war, but the ceaseless winter that plagues the northern territories as well. Because of Red Winnower, Red Rector, and Red Cleaver, peace is maintained for centuries. It all starts with one Red and their quest to bring the Big Bad Wolf to heel. He is not the savage the coalition has made him out to be, and it is up to Red Winnower to show their sisters the truth of his miserable existence. In this collection of one novella and two fairy tale style epilogues, we see the true romance that lay beneath what we know of Little Red Riding Hood. We see the real tragedy of the Snow Queen, and the woman who would bring spring to her kingdom once again. We see the terrible price Sleeping Beauty paid for her existence, and how she comes to terms with life after a sleep like death.
    • Genre: High Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retellings
    • Length: Novella
    • Stage: Beta Reading

I did not anticipate I would finish these projects so quickly, but when the words come they flood your house and home. Upcoming projects include the following:

  • Where Demons Tread
    • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism, Romance
    • Length: 3 Novellas
    • Stage: First Draft
  • In the Hall of the Shadow Queen
    • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Epic Adventure
    • Length: Novella
    • Stage: First Draft

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