Coming Soon: Children of Different Worlds

A new FREE series on Tapastic is set to begin March 1, 2021.

Running from an unknown tragedy, Eloise Cook stumbles into a liminal space between parallel universes and finds the Valley of the Dolls. Home to beautiful and terrifying gods, she finds within the enchanted woods a gothic manor that houses other wanderers, all of whom are also seeking refuge from their either dead or disturbed worlds. The Headmaster who runs the manor offers her a fresh start. Despite the strange and unfamiliar beings who reside there, she takes it.

Children of Different Worlds follows Eloise and her new housemates as they encounter magical beasts, ominous deities, and wayward souls while they individually confront what forced them to become wayward themselves. From demons to vampires, giant wolves to anthropomorphic ferrets, and cryptids to shadowfolk, everyone has their own skeletons threatening to march out and reacquaint themselves with their new safe space.

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