My Dreams Tell Stories

I often have linear dreams, meaning I get a beginning, middle, and end style story in the night. Many books I plan to wrote started off as these dreams. I had one such dream last night.

I dreamt of demons. Two were working under Lucifer and one was made into a human for punishment reasons for a time and sent to earth. That demon fell in love with a human who took him in and the other demon, whose name was actually Saphirla the White, watched to ensure the demon was serving out his punishment appropriately. The main demon eventually was told that he was sent to earth to learn kindness only to have it ripped away. So he spent his last days with his human and then went back to hell. There he started looking for ways to return to his human only for Saphirla to continually put a wrench in his plans. And Lucifer is this distant ruler who’s always at a feasting table with the dead bodies of Brutus, Cassius, and Judas just cut open on the table. He just sits there ruling hell, and the poor little demon has to face him to get back to earth.

This is not the first time Lucifer has presented himself to me in my dreams. He has been showing up a lot. If my tarot is anything to go by, it’s due to a heavy focus on excess, materialism, and a fear of losing such things. That makes sense. Having been without savings for a few years, I’ve been anal about not wanting to touch that money. However, I like taking these dreams and making stories out of them. The challenge is always finding where these stories fit in my multiverse.

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