Tuesday Talks 2/11

Last week I did not post because I was too excited to have actual maps of my fantasy universe. I’ve been delving into that universe a lot, and it’s been very refreshing. I have a historical novella that takes place in the distant past of that universe that I’ve been pondering. Romance with marriages of conveniences and political alliances, things I haven’t tried writing in a very long time (for the best, I can tell you). I’m excited to be planning it out. I used to write for a group of people, IN a group of people. Sometimes I miss it, and wish I could turn to others and just spill everything and discuss my ideas. Not just tell them, DISCUSS. But I can’t always. I only have three friends and my wife left to do that with, and we’re all busy adults. So getting excited to work by myself is a big deal for me.

I’ve also been really enjoying Willow’s new setup. She’s on 300 acres with 22 other horses, and she’s cliqued up with three of them. Scout, Escadelia, and Camelot are her new buddies, and it has been absolutely lovely to see her out in open fields and being able to ride her on those fields. We love to run, and it’s the perfect time of year to do it.

I’m down to having ten rats, as another has passed due to age and illness. I know I will lose another soon, as she has two inoperable tumors and she’s already been stressed with surgery. Losing my rats is hard, and it really makes me want to cherish the time I have left with them. Everyone else is fine, luckily.

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