Tuesday Talk 1/7/2020: QUARTERLY GOALS

This past week has been fraught with homemade pierogies and listening to my beloved tell me all about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. However, the best thing she has told me is that she almost texted me asking what the technical term was for ‘when a horse does a wheelie.’ It’s called rearing up, love XD

New Job

So I’ve got a new job cleaning community areas and after three days, I’m liking it more than I expected. I get paid a dollar more than my last job, and I have the whole day after early morning shifts to get things done. I am thinking I will stay with this job until something better comes along and offers me more money for my work.

Penny Dreadful

After last week’s shows ended for us, we resumed watching a show we started years ago. I love this show for its ability to subvert my expectations, but at the same time it’s still a very whitewashed series. One reason I’m willing to overlook that is that it does a good job punishing the people in the series for the roles they played in colonization. However, it would be nice to see more of the colonized people doing the punishing and not just the families they destroyed back home as a result of their efforts. The show also leans heavily into witches as largely evil with the good witches as either dead or conflicted. I don’t enjoy that, but I do enjoy treating every character as morally gray. It makes for a fun show to watch, knowing that their moral compasses could roll either way. Of all the things I was astonishingly okay with, I was okay with the character Angelique. I loved her, and everything about her and Dorian’s story together left me very satisfied. She was a trans character in every way but that specific word, and Dorian Gray was the perfect individual to aggressively accept her as who she is. When she died, I was upset at losing such a wonderful character but I found myself rejoicing she wasn’t killed for who she was. Isn’t it sad that those are the standards we LGBTQ+ must live with? We didn’t bury ALL the gays (there are at least three more queer characters in show) but we did bury our one trans woman and that’s a shame.

Quarterly Goals

As a change, I’m only going to list my last set of quarterly goals and not my current set so I don’t pressure myself to do more than is possible. My goals change a lot as things happen.

-Draw full body profiles of all the Children of -Different Worlds, in regular clothing and masquerade clothing plus three facial expressions. (Kiara [x], Nazim [], Kipling [], Liggan [], Renan [], Rufus [], Elliot [], Accalia [], Morfran [], Fletcher [], Pippa [], Evelyn [], Vanessa [], Eloise []) FAIL
-Exercise thrice weekly.
-Read a book each month. (The Conception of Terror, Wally Roux Quantum Mechanic, The Foxhole Court)
-Email newsletter Oct.
-Clean makeup and hair brushes monthly. (October, November, December)
-Wipe down baseboards and molding monthly. (October, November, December)
Dust ceiling monthly. (October, November, December)
-Freshen garbage disposal monthly. (October, November, December)
-Wash bath mats monthly. (October, November, December)
-Clean out drawers and medicine cabinets. (October, November, December)
-Clean closet. (October, November, December)
-Clean floors under furniture. (October, November, December)
-Deep clean fridge. (October, November, December)
-Have Sand and Silver professionally edited.
-Write The Shadows of the Forefathers. Technical Success
-Oct 31-Nov 2, celebrate Samhain.
-Publish Sand and Silver for Samhain.
-Commission cover art for The Amulet of the Phoenix. FAIL
-Participate in NaNoWriMo with Dice and Discards. Technical Success
-Nov: set up new obgyn and psych connections for meds.
-Nov: Build Crow’s Nest. FAIL
-Write Winter Winds. Technical Success
-Write Sorceress in the Catacombs. Technical Success
-Dec 20-25, celebrate Yule.
-Get Audible.
-Save up for tattoos. FAIL
-Save up for high quality camera and editing software. FAIL
-Paint an oil landscape of the Valley of the Dolls. FAIL
-Plot out Trilogy of the Cracked Well. Technical Success
-Plot out Ditchwater Six. Technical Success
-Plot out Wretched Duology.
-Plot out some of Children of Different Worlds, focus on making fourth and fifth arcs for each character.

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