Tuesday Talks 12/24

It’s Christmas Eve, so this shall be short. I pondered for a while what I could offer that would be of value, and have still come up short. My skills are sometimes too broad for scope. So for now, I’ll share significant things I’ve done in the week since last Tuesday.

The main new thing I tried was watching The Witcher on Netflix. I will not be giving away spoilers. I know nothing about the Witcher series outside of the title character being an ostracized beast hunter. I started to worry I was just getting into another Game of Thrones situation where the women were so clearly written by men it was glaringly, painfully obvious. But I found myself appreciating the wide variety of women in the story. Granted, I’ve only seen the first two episodes. That’s still enough to tell there are some strong characters in this story. Cirilla, Calanthe, and Yennefer have my undying love and respect, and I absolutely feel awful for Renfri. I’d have to side with her and kill the man who’s brought so much hell on the lives of so many girls.

Which brings me to the topic of lesser evils. I love stories featuring morally gray themes, and I love Geralt as this person who shows the audience the consequences of moral grayness. Plus Geralt’s voice is hot. It really makes you wonder what you’d do in the situation and I think that makes people uncomfortable. I love that. I love a story that makes me wonder what I would do in a situation.

We’ll see how i like the rest of the series. I might find the rest cringe worthy, but I’m holding out hope. It’s a darkly themed show, but I don’t feel disgusting watching it like the aforementioned GoT.

Anyways, I’ll be taking notes throughout the week as a means of presenting them to you on Tuesdays. Till next week, I’ll check you on the flip!

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