‘White Caps,’ Wolf Tails: The Werewolf Chronicles

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Raymond is a violent alpha were-dingo, or so his superiors say. He can’t go anywhere without a beta werewolf at his side, and he’s steadily running out of options for individuals who can help keep him calm and safe. Or rather, keep others safe from him. If he can’t make things work with his next beta, there’s an even chance he won’t be allowed to go into public ever again. And that’s the lighter sentence.

Kit is a newly turned were-corsac fox who has no interest in alphas whatsoever. The one who turned him has soured his tastes for anyone bearing the title. However, finding himself at a loss for money and options, he has to find a way to get back on his feet while paying for the HRT medicines necessary for his transition.

Jaded in their own ways, Kit’s and Raymond’s paths collide like ships on rough waters in this paranormal romance.

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