‘The Sea Elf’s Husband,’ Storytime with Rowan Liddell

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Zaja had a mundane life selling carpentry on a pier, ignoring the stares he received as both a sorcerer without magic and a widower without family. Despite the low demand for handcrafted work in the magical nation of Belexes, he managed to care for himself just fine. When a sea elf washes ashore in a storm, his life is suddenly turned upside down as he tries to help the enigmatic Tasseo find their footing and return home. Tasseo has had their pelt stolen, and while wildly intelligent, is not as accustomed to land as one needs to be to help themself. Amidst little accidents and major stumbles, the tides of their relationship take a drastic turn as they learn to trust, and perhaps love, again.

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