Wild Things Should Stay Wild: To Save a Wild Thing 20 (cont.)

((Wanna see that particular scene extended? Your wish is my command))

Long, thick fingers found the groove at the head of Tea’s slit, which Sasha surprisingly ignored at first. He brushed the groove lightly, questioningly, waiting for Tea’s reaction. The skinwalker’s immediate response was to throw his head back against the wall, the dull thud barely registering as his eyes rolled up in his head. Electric shocks danced over his spine and down his limbs, causing a wild tingling sensation in his fingers and toes. His digits spasmed momentarily, surprise at the powerful reaction rocking him.

Then Sasha’s fingers started to move faster, rubbing that groove without pause. Tea couldn’t catch his breath fast enough. Sharp, shallow, swift gasps punched out of his mouth in record time. Every twitch and every shift of Sasha’s fingers against his core had him quivering more and more, spreading outward to his arms and legs until his palms and feet were spasming as well. Sasha’s mouth continued an assault on Tea’s neck, encouraging him through one of the fastest orgasms he’d ever experienced.

For the time being, it was the first and only orgasm he’d had with a human. He doubted it would be the only one for very long.

There was a blur in Tea’s head between being carried from the hallway to a bed, but at the very least he recognized this was neither Sasha’s room nor the room he’d started out in. One quick scan and Tea discovered the room held none of the fancy ornaments and intricacies the others had. “You just have a room for all your sexcapades?”

Sasha wasted no time jerking Tea’s pants and underwear down. Tea was just kicking them off as Sasha pulled his shirt off masterfully with one hand. Okay, so clearly he was very well versed in the art of disrobing. Tea’s eyes were plastered to the broad, hair dusted chest he’d already seen bare but was now observing it in a completely different context. Prominent abs and stunning pectorals went from aesthetically pleasing to intimidatingly mouthwatering in a matter of seconds. “It is a room full of things I do not mind getting destroyed in the process of my encounters, so perhaps yes.”

Tea’s face was hot. He was already dizzy from the quick work Sasha’s fingers had done on him. With eyes wide, he started tugging off his own shirt to even out the flood of heat his body was currently experiencing. Jesus Christ, he hadn’t done anything like this outside of his season. How was he supposed to even act? “So you’re telling me you tried to bang a bull in a china shop and since that didn’t go well, you had this room set aside.”

The next thing Tea knew, his ears were vibrating from Sasha’s guttural laugh. Fighting to pull his own shirt off as smoothly as Sasha had done his, the laughing Russian’s hands flattened against Tea’s sides and helped shove the material over his head. Now completely nude, Tea was overwhelmingly aware of his current situation. He was actually doing this.


Tea felt the sudden urge to cover himself but with Sasha’s hands and knees framing his body as he hovered over the skinwalker there was no way to do so. As if sensing the indecision in him, Sasha’s lips dove for Tea’s as his body covered his. The heat and depth of the kiss rekindled the scorching fire within, Tea’s palms plastering to Sasha’s back in an instant. The man’s groan was intoxicating as it reverberated through both of them.

The Specialist’s lips started wandering from Tea’s mouth, venturing down the skinwalker’s neck to his chest. Tea squirmed at the unfamiliar sensation, huffing at each open mouthed kiss and crying out at each scrape of blunt teeth. When Sasha’s mouth had carved a trail down past Tea’s navel, he started squirming. In the midst of a particularly anxious movement, Sasha’s hands suddenly grasped Tea’s thighs and pushed them apart.

Sasha’s tongue penetrated him, and Tea’s eyes shot wide. He gripped the cotton sheets in both hands, talons tearing at the thin, cheap fabric. Loud, earsplitting moans spilled from Tea’s lips as Sasha’s mouth worked against his core. Sasha’s palms slid over Tea’s thighs and up to his hips, holding them firm as his tongue darted in and out of Tea relentlessly, swabbing and licking and pressing harshly against the groove Sasha had attacked earlier. Tea’s eyes locked on the ceiling rafters as he cried out, responding more to the foreignness of the sensation than the actual pleasure, but oh was it nice.

The slow burn of Sasha bringing him to climax with his tongue was pure torment. Tea just knew he was blushing from head to toe, his insides coiling and the juncture of his thighs starting to ache from being spread so wide. The feeling of the wet, slick muscle pushing into his slicker, hotter entrance left him reeling. Instinct tugged at his twisting gut, Tea threading his fingers through Sasha’s hair and pulling the deepest of growls from the man’s mouth into himself. Tea bit his lip to keep from wailing at how delectable that vibration had felt, spine arching upward as his own blood trickled across his tongue. The force of his own bite shocked him, but it didn’t shock him nearly as much as the gradual, mellow drag of his next orgasm. It wasn’t the vicious shove over the edge like the first encounter in the hallway but a steady tiptoe towards the cliff before diving over the side.

Sasha’s tongue continued teasing him through the climax. Before Tea knew it, he was climbing the hill again. The thick, determined muscle relegated its movements to the groove, and just as Tea’s eyes were rolling back again Sasha’s digits entered his slit. The pressure surprised him, but it wasn’t unwelcome or painful. Tea couldn’t tell how many fingers entered him initially, but he could most certainly tell when another was added.

Sasha pushed him towards climax again, teeth snagging on flesh as he moved his fingers in and out roughly, quickly. Tea alternated between tearing holes in the sheets and tugging fiercely at Sasha’s hair. His chest hurt from how fast his heart was beating. His thighs burned from the position he’d held for however long. By the time Sasha pulled away from his pelvis, Tea was numb enough from the latest push that the chill was what alerted him.

The chill and Sasha’s lips traveling back up his body.

Tea’s chest heaved. His ears perked at the soft squeal of the mattress as Sasha’s weight shifted on it. He found himself sweating, but as his eyes slowly focused on his partner, the man hardly even looked disheveled. Mouth dry, Tea could barely open his mouth to speak before Sasha was asking, “Do you have a safeword in mind?”

Tea’s brow furrowed as Sasha settled over him, the skinwalker startled by the question. “Was I supposed to come up with one?”

“I mostly wanted to know if you had a preference,” Sasha explained.

Tea’s heart started hammering for very different reasons now that Sasha had positioned himself between his legs, framing the skinwalker’s head with his arms. Sasha pecked Tea’s lips, Tea’s heart palpating as reality once again threatened to sink in. “I don’t-t,” his lips pursed in protest of saying anymore. He cursed his stammer, more than a little distracted by how much shakier Sasha was poised over him like this. For all he knew, Sasha was ready to tear him in half.

But the Specialist’s voice remained soft. “If anything makes you uncomfortable for any reason at all, say caravan. Alright?”

He could barely breathe, feeling completely trapped as he murmured, “Okay.”

“Say the safeword,” Sasha whispered, as though it were something secret.

In truth, it was. Tea was hot in the face and neck as he gave a curt nod. “Carav-van.”

Sasha’s fingers brushed through Tea’s hair, the man’s trembling fingers still managing to pull Tea’s mind back from the brink of fear where it so often took up residence. Golden eyes sliding open, he met Sasha’s hooded blue gaze. “You’re here with me, aren’t you?” It was an odd question, but Tea understood it. Releasing the sheets he’d been gripping harshly, Tea slid his palms up Sasha’s arms until he could feel the muscles in his back under his fingers. Memorizing the dips and curves in his shoulder blades and along his spine, Tea nodded as an uneasy exhale left his nostrils. “Good,” Sasha breathed.

Then his lips were on Tea’s again.

The kiss was gentler, slower, more reminiscent of Tea’s first kiss than the neediness which had started this escapade. One set of fingers continued carding through Tea’s blonde hair, the other palm grazing over Tea’s feverish skin. Fingers dipped and slid over the skinwalker’s breasts, trimmed nails scraping along scarred flesh. Tea was tense, there was no doubt about it. The anticipation of having the other’s still clothed pelvis rocking against his kept his spine rigid even though nothing had hurt up until this point. He worked to focus his energy on the slow methodical kiss, mouth moving against Sasha’s fluidly as the man’s tongue tangled with his. Tea didn’t struggle with the palm now traveling down his leg to his knee. In one swift movement, Sasha pushed Tea’s leg up so his thigh was parallel with his torso. The ache that spiked through his hips made him cry out against Sasha’s lips, the burning subsiding as the skinwalker adjusted to having his knee hooked over the man’s arm. A shiver rent Tea’s spine as Sasha’s hard, astonishing bulge ground even harder against his exposed, wet core.

The hand in Tea’s hair slid between them. Tea expected Sasha to undo his pants at last, but was even more shocked when his long digits pressed into him again. Tea gasped, this time taking a tally of the fingers entering him. One. Two. Three. Sasha’s hand started thrusting at four, and Tea was dragging his claws down the man’s back. The growl Sasha unleashed at the long cuts had Tea belting, “Sorry!” Panic froze him as the man’s hand withdrew from inside him.

That temptation of a glare was back on Sasha’s face as he snarled, “Do it again.” Tea couldn’t tell if it was a command or a dare. Trusting Sasha wouldn’t dare him to do something that would ruin the scene playing out between them, Tea obeyed. Raking his claws over Sasha’s back once more, he applied more pressure than before and was rewarded with a stunning moan from the man quivering above him. Sasha’s eyes rolled back, his hand now frantically fighting his zipper. Against all logic, Tea braced. He wasn’t sure he was ready, but wasn’t sure he’d ever truly be ready.

Sasha pressed a final, disarming kiss to Tea’s lips, his shaking halting temporarily. A well of emotion uncharacteristically opened up between them, relaxation overcoming Tea as Sasha’s touch suddenly ushered him into a state of ease. Then, in a tantalizingly slow thrust, Sasha was pushing into him.

Tea’s jaw went slack, mouth gaping as their foreheads pressed together. The skin on Tea’s neck and cheeks were on fire, a new, dull ache resulting from the sheer size of Sasha’s cock stole his breath. A single squeak left his throat as Sasha sheathed himself fully inside the skinwalker, blue eyes locking with gold as the Specialist judged the other’s reaction.

They didn’t move for the longest time. Sasha waited patiently for Tea to adjust, half-lidded eyes never wavering from their post. The pressure of the penetration had Tea breathing erratically, and he was more certain than ever Sasha was going to lose his already highly tested patience. Gripping the man’s shoulders tightly, Tea was startled into silence when the man, who had resumed his own anxious shaking, whispered something in Russian. “Huh?” Tea asked, unable to hear past his own breathing and heartbeat.

Sasha brought his hand back up to rest beside Tea’s face, fingers teasing his hair once more. “You are beautiful, Rowan.” The words took Tea by surprise, just as pretty much everything about this encounter had. His already hot, sweating body suddenly felt even hotter, even sweatier. Eyes wide, he might as well be suffocating under the weight of the other man who was petting him and praising him as though he hadn’t just impaled him with his cock. Turning his head, Tea let loose an embarrassed sound as he buried his face against Sasha’s arm. He was seconds away from safewording, from admitting to himself that he couldn’t go through with this, when Sasha asked, “You do not believe me?”

Tea grit his teeth. He couldn’t breathe or speak. He was hardly able to groan the, “Mm-nm,” to pair with the shake of his head. Eyes squeezed shut, he could honestly say this wasn’t the time or place for him to feel attractive. The act of sex was something he endured out of necessity one season every year, not something he could freely indulge in without repercussions. Any notion challenging what he’d already come to believe of himself just seemed like a lie. What was worse was Sasha had actually said his name too. He was speaking to him, and not some ghost he saw in Tea’s face. Tea didn’t know how to take that.

For the first time since they’d begun, he was hurting, and Sasha could tell.

Transferring Tea’s leg so that it was looped around his waist and not over his arm, Sasha’s hands moved to fully cup Tea’s face and bring it out of hiding. Tea didn’t open his eyes at first, setting his jaw against what sounds and words may come flying out of his mouth if he spoke. For someone who was struggling not to move too much, who still trembled even though he had Tea under him now, Sasha’s hands were astonishingly steady as he said, “I find you stunning.” Sasha pecked Tea’s lips though Tea was unable to bring himself to reciprocate at the moment.. Instead, he opened his eyes, staring up into the cobalt pools watching him. “You who have survived so much, you never once lost the drive that kept you fighting.” Tea could easily argue that wasn’t true. However, Sasha continued, kissing just under Tea’s eyes as he did so. “You remained kind to those who posed a threat to you, compromising your own security for it.” Again, Tea could argue that wasn’t entirely true. “From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew I cared for you.”

Tea’s brow pinched then. He closed his eyes in thought, then grimaced. “I was thirteen when you first saw me, Sasha. That’s weird,” he lambasted.

There was a hiss of a chuckle before Sasha countered. “I did not say I wanted to take you to bed then though, did I? I said I knew I cared for you.”

“That’s still weird. Reconsider your wording.”

Sasha silenced him with another kiss. The talk was freeing to Tea’s nerves at least. He was secretly grateful for the awkward interlude, but still taken aback by the man’s declarations. “The fact remains, there is nothing plain about you.” He kissed Tea again, lips lingering on his moments longer this time. “And if I could do it all again, I would never let you go back in Cairo.”

Tea’s heart swelled. Hot tears gathered in his eyes, which he quickly blinked away. His throat closed, unwilling to let him express how badly he wished they could go back to that day. Start over together, learn anew. It didn’t matter that in the back of his mind, he knew there were too many factors to consider. There was a lot about Sasha Tea either didn’t know or didn’t entirely trust. A younger him might have done well, but not as he was now.

As he was now, he could only respond with, “Do you just rehearse these lines before saying them to someone?” Sucking in a breath, Tea’s cheeks were still feverish though he’d managed to squelch the crying. He had to admit, Sasha was quick on his feet when it came to remarks that could undo a person in seconds. Tea could get into people’s heads effectively, but the actual crafting of words wasn’t his strong suit. Meanwhile, Sasha did this to him while naked and stiff inside him. “I swear you plan this shit,” Tea grunted, caught off guard once again.

When his vision cleared, Sasha was grinning like a madman. Something in Tea’s head told him to take caution. The rest of him though, had already thrown caution to the wind. “The only thing I rehearse is what I’m going to do with you the moment I get you out of your clothes.”

Tea shuddered at those words, head now reeling as Sasha’s continued quivering drew him back to the situation at hand. “So it IS part of your plan then.”

“No, but this is.” Sasha drew his hips back, then slammed into Tea. The sudden disappearance of Sasha’s length from inside him and the vicious thrust ushered a scream out of Tea’s throat. Sasha’s hands planted on either side of Tea’s head, the man arching upward as he drew his hips back once again and then pounded into him. The rough slam had one of Tea’s hands flying back to brace against the headboard, his other hand scratching down the Specialist’s already marked back. Ankles locking around Sasha’s hips, the skinwalker’s eyes slid open to find that terrible grin still on Sasha’s face. Coupled with his hooded, ocean gaze, Sasha looked damn near demonic. Tea’s gut tap danced, his blood sang, his whole being rocked as Sasha thrust harshly into him again. Tea bit his lip as he thrust back with the help of his hand pressed firm against the headboard, a startled cry escaping his lips at how deep Sasha was able to shove into him with the skinwalker’s aid. Tea’s head lolled back on impact, and before he knew it Sasha was thrusting again. He responded similarly, and was rewarded with the same, fierce depth.

“Fuck,” he gasped. His muscles clenched. His body welcomed Sasha’s movements. They proceeded with ease, Sasha thrusting hard and deep again and again.

It felt fucking fantastic.

“So you like that,” Sasha observed, his tone unnervingly jovial.

“Uh huh,” Tea breathed, heart racing, blood pumping. Everything inside of him was speeding towards another climax, something he’d never achieved through penetration alone before.

“Perfect,” the man growled, Tea feeling the sound down in his core. “Put your arms around me.” Tea, though plagued with tremors, obeyed. He slid his arms around Sasha’s neck and back, clinging to him as tightly as he could muster. The next thing he knew, he was yanked up off the bed and into the man’s lap. If he thought he was being speared through before, he was sure he could feel Sasha’s cock in his intestines now. With the Specialist kneeling on the bed and Tea’s fingers lacing behind his neck, Sasha gripped Tea’s ass cheeks and snarled, “Hold on tight.” Tea was given very little time before Sasha’s hips were moving, pumping wildly into him at a speed that made Tea howl.

Tea was a mess, and the night was just getting started.

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