The Blood of the Enemy Promo Day 3: Cover Reveal!!!!


I have been waiting for the official release week to show you this absolutely wonderful cover done by the amazingly talented germancreative over on Fiverr. I have been in love with this cover art, and I am so thrilled to be sharing it at long last.

Today I will not give you a drabble. Rather, I will give you a summary of the novel itself.


When she was twelve, Irilith Inimica’s brother told her to run; not from the dragons and beasts he’d warned her of her whole life, but from him. Soon after he caught up with her, she discovered exactly why.

He had become a monster.

Irilith, now known as Ria by her newfound family, lived securely within the dangerous Elleran Forest for five years. On one fateful trip to the city though, she is outed by humans as the relative of the notorious crime lord and self-appointed king Drystan. Being despised is commonplace for Ria as a half-vampire, but being hunted by Drystan is the exact thing she had hoped to avoid.

Because Drystan was the monster her brother had become.

The demon that inhabited her brother had driven him to pursue power at all costs, and he was not going to have any challengers to his new throne. Therefore, Drystan could not allow Ria and those who helped her survive to be left alive. Can Ria evade him as she had done five years prior? Or is she truly a harbinger of death to all those she loves?

In The White Dragon Saga, we follow the lives of the accursed family the Inimicas, fallen kings and queens notorious for their violent ancestor the White Dragon. Any who come in contact with the Inimicas tends to meet an unpleasant end. This doomed family must find redemption or relief through the bonds they make. Some bonds are strictly antagonistic, others helpful and even loving. As meaningful as these bonds are, they are also prone to tragedy.

The Blood of the Enemy is Ria’s story.

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