1st Quarterly Goals Completed, Time for 2nd Quarterly Goals

1st Quarterly Goals

    • Go to the gym once a week. MISSED 2 BECAUSE OF HAND INJURY
    • Drabble at least twice a week. (Added 2/12) TOOK A BREAK 3/4 – 3/10
    • Get the guinea pigs 4 3×4 fleece liners. (Check Amazon shopping list.) 2/26
    • Answer the work radio in a more interesting way. 2/7
    • Walk around the building twice a day. (Added 2/23) 3/16
    • Publish The God of Other Worlds as soon as the cover is finished. To Break a Wild Thing ends March 15. 2/23
    • Knit or crochet at least one item a month. (Added 3/2) 3/10
    • Buy ferret playpen March 15. (Check Amazon shopping list.) 3/2
    • Have The God of Other Worlds beta read by Cecil and Paola. 2/15
    • Buy hay rack for guinea pigs. (Check Amazon shopping list.) 3/3
    • Write Dams’ Cam 4. 2/26
    • Complete The God of Other Worlds. 1/?
    • Complete the final draft of The Blood of the Enemy. 1/25
    • Complete the self edit for Sand and Silver. 1/31
    • Revise outlines for the following pair of White Dragon books. 1/3
    • Outline The Secrets in Our Bones. 1/7
    • Outline The Book of Melete. 1/9
    • Write January AAK. 1/10
    • Build a website for Rowan Liddell on WordPress or Wix. (Get your own domain.) 1/5
    • Look into duotrope for exposure. (Can’t afford to pay right now.) 1/3
    • Plan expository short stories for upcoming novels that end with free chapter samples for releases. No more than 1000 words. 1/4
    • White Dragon: Promotional Drabble 1 (1000 words). 2/1
    • Look into critters.org for critique workshops. (You have critique partners from Skillshare.) 1/3
    • Outlined the last White Dragon books. 1/3, 1/7
    • White Dragon: Promotional Drabble 2 (1000 words). 2/1
    • Write February AAK_Scruffy Part 2. 2/2
    • Plan March Dams’ Cam. 2/1
    • Write March AAK_Calcifer. 2/2
    • Get beta readers started on Sand and Silver. 2/5
    • Promote The Blood of the Enemy! 1/?
    • Choose your next Nanowrimo. 2/7
    • Write Dams’ Cam 5. 2/27
    • Write To Catch a Wild Thing. 3/14
    • Create a timeline for The White Dragon Saga and Storytime. 3/26

2nd Quarterly Goals

  • Exercise twice a week.
  • Drabble at least twice a week.
  • Knit or crochet at least one item a month.
  • Finish reading a book.
  • Buy FOB’s album Mania.
  • Draw a map of Storytime.
  • Go to at least one Fallout event a month.
  • Buy reptile humidifier for Mushu. (Check Amazon shopping list.)
  • Reptile cage deep cleaning time. (Need two bags of Eco Earth, two bags of moss, another vine, and a bigger tub for Mushu.)
  • Put Buttons in Mushu’s tank. Put Ursula in Gideon’s tank. Put Gideon in Buttons’ tank. Put Mushu in Ursula’s tank.
  • Write Project R section 1 dialogue with minor action detail.
  • Have To Catch a Wild Thing beta read, then published. Publish The Red Cord six-parter immediately after. The God of Other Worlds ends May 10.
  • Write To Save a Wild Thing.
  • Have To Save a Wild Thing beta read, then published. To Catch a Wild Thing and The Red Cord end July 10.
  • White Dragon: Promotional Drabble 3 (1000 words).
  • White Dragon: Promotional Drabble 4 (1000 words+chapter sample).
  • Release promo art and The Blood of the Enemy drabbles!
  • Publish The Blood of the Enemy a week after the release of the drabbles!
  • Write Dust Devils.
  • Self edit Dust Devils.
  • Write April AAK: Buddy, our most anxious cat.
  • Write May AAK: Gimpy, the feral turned chub.
  • Write June AAK: Uma and her bird lady.
  • Write Dams’ Cam and plan arcs.
  • Write Flavor for the Week and plan arcs.

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