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By my critique partner Alison Haines. I will be answering 30 questions.

  1. What do you hope to communicate to your audience with your WIP? With The Blood of the Enemy and The White Dragon Saga in general, I want to communicate the importance of diversity and never underestimating an opponent. I also want to communicate that circumstances you’re born into do not dictate how you’ll end up in life. Another WIP for later this year has more sinister messages, I’ll tell you more about it when I get there 🙂
  2. What do you find the hardest to write? (ex. emotion, humor, seduction, etc.) Seduction and sexual situations. I’m good at them, but they take the literal longest for me to write because I’m so picky about them.
  3. How bad do you feel your first draft was/is? The Blood of the Enemy first draft is gone forever, dead on a dead computer. It’s better that way.
  4. What is your favorite genre to read? Write? Fantasy, hands down.
  5. Who have you based your style of writing off of? Stephen King.
  6. What made you want to publish your work? Realizing I wasn’t going to be happy until someone read what I’d poured years of my life into.
  7. What have you had to research the most for your WIP? Fighting. I’ve only been in like . . . two semi-fights in my life so I’m just kind of guessing what it’s like to be an assassin XD
  8. What character do you like (that you’ve written) the least? Oddly I started off loathing my main character for The Blood of the Enemy, I’m starting to love her now.
  9. Are you basing any of your WIP off your life and what would it be (if not to spoiler – ex. people, places, situations)? If there is a scene featuring humor, no doubt it’s humor I got from something I have done in real life. If there’s a heavily detailed bad experience, guarantee I or someone I know has experience in that area.
  10. Who would you dedicate your book to? My beta readers, and people who have loaned me character ideas. Like, half of my books will have a note that says, “Thanks for the potato,” without context. There is context. It’s a Shia surprise.
  11. If you could steal one idea from a famous author, what would it be? Give me ALL the dragon riders. I don’t care if you wrote ’em first, it’s my idea XD
  12. What’s been the hardest to write in your WIP so far? (ex. beginnings, middles, ends, etc.) I always know the end before I know the beginning, so getting started is the hardest.
  13. Which characters in your WIP get along the worst? The best? In The Blood of the Enemy, I’ve realized no one likes Lias. It’s hilarious, because he’s like, one of my favorites. But people just really want him to stop . . . being. He just needs to stop. So I’d say no one likes him, they just kind of keep him around because “I guess he’s useful?” However, the characters that get along insanely well are Ria and Geist. They bicker, but they know each other better than anyone else in the book. Geist knows Ria is a reckless hardhead but she cares a lot, Ria knows Geist is stupidly loyal and secretly self-conscious.
  14. Tea, coffee, water, or nothing when working? It’s easier just to say I don’t drink coffee XD
  15. Is your desk organized or messy? Organized chaos?
  16. Can you summarize your favorite piece of writing (that you’ve created)? Well, my WIP for later this year is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written because of how dark and deep it is. I’m really proud of Sand and Silver because it’s going to showcase all the things I used to be terrified to write. It’s also going to teach a lesson, I’m praying. That was the main thing I wanted was for people to learn from it.
  17. How long have you been working on your current WIP? 10+ years.
  18. Sum up your main characters in three words. Determined. Stubborn. Screwed. 🙂
  19. What time of day are you most productive? The morning. The closer it is to darkness, the better I am. If I could stay up all night writing, believe I would.
  20. What’s your favorite fictional place? Bilbo’s house, take me there. It’s my home.
  21. What book inspired you to write the most? In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
  22. Do you write by hand, type, or some combination of the two? Strictly type, I can never go back to handwriting.
  23. A book you would recommend to anyone? It by Stephen King because it just inspires me to mess stuff up like no one’s business.
  24. What is the one thing you NEED while writing, that isn’t necessarily a writing tool? Music or sound. I can’t hear people talking. I’ll sit there and die inside.
  25. How much time do you spend writing? I try for three to five hours a day.
  26. How much time do you wish you spent writing? Eight hours, just let me go full-time my dudes.
  27. Do you set writing goals? If so, what is your writing goal for this year? Yes. Oh my God yes. I’m writing articles once a month, a free piece with a friend once a month, two novels, two to three short stories, and continuing the next free book in my Tapastic series. Hahaha I’m not a real person with a life TT^TT
  28. What’s your favorite POV to write in? Third person, I’m unconvinced by most first-person written stories (with the exception of Alison’s story, she’s actually got me Hooked(TM)!) and prefer to take on multiple perspectives throughout a story. I’ll limit myself in other respects, I don’t want to limit perspective to one person unless it’s like, detrimental to understanding the point of the book. Case in point, Sand and Silver.
  29. How many WIPs do you currently have? . . . I’ll SAY 20 but it’s probably closer to double that amount because I don’t have a sense that tells me to take a break.
  30. What is your favorite thing about writing? The ability to escape this sad sad world for a short amount of time.

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