Guinea Pig Fund for Reward!

Hello friends and neighbors, I’m asking for help! I have a goal to fulfill before the end of my first quarter, and that is to purchase my guinea pigs fleece bedding to replace their aspen. The reason I want fleece is so I can keep a cleaner cage for my babies and also reduce mess and cost of maintenance. Better yet, a frequently cleaned cage reduces chance of UTIs.

So how can you help? Two ways. I need $200 to make the purchase. Right now bigger bills eat up my primary income, and writing is my secondary income. So if you guys could head to my gumroad and purchase products there (none of them exceed $5 yet) and then share this post, that would help me get closer to my goal. If you can only share right now because you have your own kids to worry about, please do!

As a reward to those who buy, I promise to write one page of anything of your choice. Just make sure you let me know its for the Guinea Pig Fund, and you’ll get your story reward 🙂

If you’d like a free sample of my writing, head to tapastic to check out my TOTALLY FREE series Wild Things Should Stay Wild.

Thank you in advance guys!

Please see my menu (as well as links on my Tumblr page) for my Gumroad and Tapastic!

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