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SETTING: modern day Jacksonville, FL

GENRE: Crime and suspense

SUMMARY:Dusty, better known as Desert Rose Jamison thanks to her husband Carlisle, has lived a life of luxury and intrigue. When Carlisle sets her up with renowned hitman and mob leader Sterlyn “Silver” Schneider, however, she goes from being her husband’s prisoner to Sterlyn’s prisoner. In this study of Stockholm syndrome, two detectives hold an impromptu investigation of what happened to this battered woman, and how she managed to not only escape but allegedly kill the man who upended her entire life.


SETTING: fictitious land of Analil

GENRE: High fantasy and romance novellas

TITLES: The Dargan Sisters, The Sea Elf’s Husband

SUMMARY OF STORYTIME: A series of novellas focusing on one set of people or couples per story. Each set of people faces different challenges and hold different statuses within the three major kingdoms of Atmanna, Bogdan, and Belexes. These are the fairy tales that people rarely get the chance to hear, focusing on relationships of not only straight folk, but lesbian, gay, transgender, nonbinary, asexual, and polyamorous as well.

SUMMARY OF THE DARGAN SISTERS: Mariabronn and Lysada grew up common folk in the village of Darga. When Mariabronn attracts the eye of a Prince of Atmanna, she is separated from Lysada. In her struggle to cope with her sister’s absence, Lysada befriends a creature in the woods whom she refers to as Specter. With one sister courting in a castle while the other hides in a wooded area near enemy lines, the bonds to two sisters form are tested in this tale of unlikely friendships and new love.

SUMMARY OF THE SEA ELF’S HUSBAND: Zaja had a mundane life selling carpentry on a pier, ignoring the stares he received as both a sorcerer without magic and a widower without family. Despite the low demand for handcrafted work in the magical nation of Belexes, he managed to care for himself just fine. When a sea elf washes ashore in a storm, his life is suddenly turned upside down as he tries to help the enigmatic Tasseo find their footing and return home. Tasseo has had their pelt stolen, and while wildly intelligent, is not as accustomed to land as one needs to be to help themself. Amidst little accidents and major stumbles, the tides of their relationship take a drastic turn as they learn to trust, and perhaps love, again.



SETTING: ficticious land of Naadock

GENRE: High fantasy series

TITLES: The Blood of the Enemy, The Amulet of the Phoenix (Release date TBD)

SUMMARY OF BOOK ONE: When she was twelve, Irilith Inimica’s brother told her to run; not from the dragons and beasts he’d warned her of her whole life, but from him. Soon after he caught up with her, she discovered exactly why.

He had become a monster.

Irilith, now known as Ria by her newfound family, lived securely within the dangerous Elleran Forest for five years. On one fateful trip to the city though, she is outed by humans as the relative of the notorious crime lord and self-appointed king Drystan. Being despised is commonplace for Ria as a half-vampire, but being hunted by Drystan is the exact thing she had hoped to avoid.

Because Drystan was the monster her brother had become.

The demon that inhabited her brother had driven him to pursue power at all costs, and he was not going to have any challengers to his new throne. Therefore, Drystan could not allow Ria and those who helped her survive to be left alive. Can Ria evade him as she had done five years prior? Or is she truly a harbinger of death to all those she loves?

In The White Dragon Saga, we follow the lives of the accursed family the Inimicas, fallen kings and queens notorious for their violent ancestor the White Dragon. Any who come in contact with the Inimicas tends to meet an unpleasant end. This doomed family must find redemption or relief through the bonds they make. Some bonds are strictly antagonistic, others helpful and even loving. As meaningful as these bonds are, they are also prone to tragedy.

The Blood of the Enemy is Ria’s story.


SETTING: modern day Seattle, WA and various other locations

GENRE: Magical realism fantasy series

TITLES: To Break a Wild Thing, The God of Other Worlds, To Catch a Wild Thing, The Red Cord, To Save a Wild Thing, At the Dock of the Bay, Wild Things Should Stay Wild

SUMMARY: Rowan Alder Sverre lives in a world where inhumans and humans struggle to survive alongside one another. The organization the Red Cord is meant to assuage conflicts born from those struggles. However, being brought into the Red Cord at a young age due to unfortunate circumstances, Rowan grows up knowing that there are several instances where the Red Cord cannot help and even makes things worse. One such victim of those circumstances? Rowan himself. In four novels we see how Rowan comes to terms with the Red Cord (one of which showing an alternate timeline for his relationship with the organization). There will also be shorts featuring Rowan and the characters he interacts with.


SETTING: Modern day, various locations

GENRE: Magical realism short stories

TITLES: A Stormy Earth, Dust Devils

SUMMARY OF WOLF TAILS: Werewolves are prevalent in every culture on earth and have had many names. They live among humans in secret, and can be born and turned. Each werewolf family is a species of wild dog. There is a caste system, and three hormonal ranks. This is a series of short stories looking into the lives of modern werewolves.

SUMMARY OF A STORMY EARTH: Raised in a conservative pack of shape shifting raccoon dogs, Corey has been selected as the alpha’s mate-to-be. Upon meeting red werewolf Sorrell and engaging in a sordid affair with him however, Corey’s future is put at risk. Sorrell must not only seek Corey’s forgiveness, but help them get back on their feet after their worlds are turned upside down. A mature short story featuring miscommunication, a difference of culture within a secret society, and learning acceptance and trust in this unconventional romantic drama.

SUMMARY OF DUST DEVILS: Lita has always put her job and her people first, her people being werewolves within North America. A high-ranking gray wolf herself, she has grown used to saying goodbye to everyone (friends, family, and lovers) who disapproves of the hectic job she has: welcoming new werewolves to the community as well as monitoring violent alphas. However, she is about to welcome one such ex-lover into the community. Joan, freshly bitten by a rogue werewolf, never thought she’d see her high school flame again. In fact, she never wanted to see Lita again. And yet, here she is, revealing that one of the reasons Lita couldn’t stay with Joan could now no longer be kept secret from her. Follow these two women on their journey to rediscovering one another, years after their fallout.

SUMMARY OF WHITE CAPS: Raymond is a violent alpha were-dingo, or so his superiors say. He can’t go anywhere without a beta werewolf at his side, and he’s steadily running out of options for individuals who can help keep him calm and safe. Or rather, keep others safe from him. If he can’t make things work with his next beta, there’s an even chance he won’t be allowed to go into public ever again. And that’s the lighter sentence. Kit is a newly turned were-corsac fox who has no interest in alphas whatsoever. The one who turned him has soured his tastes for anyone bearing the title. However, finding himself at a loss for money and options, he has to find a way to get back on his feet while paying for the HRT medicines necessary for his transition. Jaded in their own ways, Kit’s and Raymond’s paths collide like ships on rough waters in this paranormal romance.